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CYBORN - Motion Capture and 3D animation

Project Description

During my 4th year at BUAS I spend my time as an intern at Cyborn in Belgium. Here I worked as a Motion Capture animator. During my time there I worked on several projects, took care of the motion capture shoots and learned to work with Shogun and the Vicon system and making animations for VR. I not only continued with body Motion Capture but also facial Motion Capture and looked into solutions for hand animation. 

Due to COVID I also spend a couple of months working remotely which helped improve my communication skills, during this time I focused more on improving my Keyframe animation skills. 

My internship ended by the end of June 2020 and I am currently working as a summer employee. 

Due to NDA I am unable to show my work

My Responsibilities

- Animating characters - facials and body

- Preparing Motion Capture shoots and helping to run them

- Delivering game ready animations to the game devs

- Helping improve the workflow for Motion Capture

- Testing animations in VR


Engine: UE4
Software: Vicon Shogun live and pro, Maya, Faceware
Duration: 1+ year
School year: 4 (2020)
Company site:

Keyframe animation

Project Description

This was a personal side project I did during my time in lockdown to help improve my 3D keyframe animation skills. 

I made 2 short animations focusing on the weight and hands as these were important for me to help with my Motion Capture cleaning abilities. 

The first animation is made using self recorded reference.

For the serve I used footage of Serena Williams as reference.


Programs: Maya

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