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Tool of Destruction

Project Description

Tool of Destruction is a 2nd year cinematic project. The project theme was set beforehand, sewer skatepark. The project goal was to create a short character animation to accompany this project theme.

My Responsibilities

- Storyboarding (as team)

- Shootlist and directing (as team)

- Clean up character animation (timeframe 6 sec - 29 sec)

- Clean up all facial animation

- Clean up crowd running animations

- Modeling environment

- Texturing environment

- Lighting


Programs: Motion Builder, Maya, Substance painter, Houdini, Premiere pro
Team members: 3
Duration: 8 weeks
School year: 2 (2018)

Facial Motion Capture

Project Description

For the Tool of Destruction project I was also in charge of the facial animation for the character. This was my first experience with facial animation and facial motion capture. 

Throughout the process I learned to do a facial shoot, retarget the animation, do the Cleanup and merge it with the body animation.


Programs: Maya, Faceware analyzer and retargeter
School year: 2 (2018)

Project Description

I did research into facial motion capture for the fighting game project during the first half. I wanted to look into getting facial to work with voice overs and different types of rigs. 

For our game the possibility of using facial animation and voice over was still there, and our rigger needed to know the limitations.

During the process not using dots to pinpoint the locations to retarget to and the actor having a moustache made it difficult to work with the footage. 


Programs: Maya, Faceware analyzer and retargeter
School year: 3 (2018)

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